Academy Session #1

First Academy Session – October 21, 2013, UMass Boston


The first academy session was held on October 21, 2013 and was focused on defining the common challenges faced by regional partnerships that have come together to help meet the needs of advanced manufacturers and their workers.  61 attendees from every region of the state attended the first session representing a diverse array of stakeholders including:

  • The Workforce Development System
  • Public Higher Education
  • The Vocational Educational System
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Industry
  • State officials and policymakers

During this session, participants were briefed on the purpose and the status of the major activities of the Academy project, engaged in an interactive discussion designed to surface and validate the common challenges they face, and participated in an interactive stakeholder analysis exercise to help the various partners develop a better understanding of each other’s perspectives.  All of these activities were designed to help participants to build more dynamic partnerships and develop more effective responses to the emergent needs of manufacturers and workers across Massachusetts.  The results of this session will be used to inform the activities and agendas for future sessions.

The following video summarizes in more detail what transpired at the first Academy session:

For more information about this session, please see the following relevant files/documents:

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