The applied research and technical assistance activities of the Advanced Manufacturing Regional Partnership Academy team are all designed to provide state and regional partners with actionable data, best practices, and educational services in support of their ongoing efforts to support advanced manufacturing across the Commonwealth.

The ways in which these activities relate to one another are summarized in the following diagram.


More information on the individual project elements can be found at the following links.

Regional Manufacturing Profiles:
Who are our manufacturers?
Who do they employ?
What are their occupational skills requirements?

Firm-level Manufacturing Database:
A resource designed to facilitate employer outreach and engagement

Regional Needs Assessment Survey:
What are short and medium-term labor needs of our manufacturers?
What are the major impediments to their future growth?
What are their other needs?

Performance Measurement Dashboard:
What are the major goals of the Advanced Manufacturing Collaborative?
Are we making progress towards the achievement of these goals?

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