Manufacturing Database

In an effort to support the company outreach and employer engagement activities of regional manufacturing partnerships, the Academy team has developed a series of regional establishment-level contact databases of manufacturing companies in Massachusetts.

These databases have been constructed from two primary proprietary sources: Infogroup and Manufacturing News, Inc. (MNI) and contain detailed attributes from each source including contact information, industry classification, geographic location, and estimated employment levels.

Due to licensing restrictions, access to this database is limited to the advanced manufacturing regional partnerships listed below.  Each partnership has designated an individual to be the point of contact for their database. This individual is responsible for ensuring that licensing rules are followed and that access to the data is limited to affiliated regional partners.

The following table contains contact information for each partnership’s database lead.  To learn more about how to access the database, please contact the lead listed below.  A spreadsheet containing the list of the primary contacts for each partnership can be found here.

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