Performance Measurement

The Academy’s performance measurement work is intended to inform an ongoing conversation between key stakeholders about how to track progress towards meeting the needs of advancing manufacturers and their workers, and achieving the goals of the Advanced Manufacturing Collaborative (AMC).

At the state level, the AMC goals include:

  • Promoting manufacturing as a career path to Massachusetts students and workers.
  • Improving education and labor market outcomes for manufacturing workers.
  • Increasing innovation at the firm level.
  • Keeping the cost of doing business predictable.
  • Facilitating access to capital.

At the regional level,  informed by its Best Practices work, the Academy has identified three characteristics of highly functioning regional sector partnerships.  We have learned that, successful regional sector partnerships:

  1. Effectively engage employers and have clearly defined, industry-driven leadership.
  1. Use evidence-based strategies to develop their programs and recruit their students.
  1. Cultivate effective and well-coordinated working relationships with key institutions (workforce boards, vocational schools, community colleges, public and quasi-public agencies.

During the Academy’s first year, a number of metrics were identified to help track progress towards these five goals. These metrics were designed to inform a dialogue about how stakeholders will measure, monitor, and track the outcomes of the AMC and the regional partnerships in the future.   A mockup web-based dashboard was developed to help stakeholders visualize how they can use data to track their performance.

A memo was developed that provides further background information and presents a preliminary series of indicators for the consideration of key stakeholders.  At the fourth Academy session, stakeholders began an ongoing discussion of how best to build upon this preliminary work, and to refine and develop a feasible performance measurement system at both the state and regional level.

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